How to make money on League of Legends

17th October 2018

Making a living by playing video games has become more and more popular in recent years. Even though it isn't easy, there are several ways to earn money while playing League of legends.

1. Become a professional LoL player

This is the hardest as well as the most profitable medium of making money from League of Legends. Apart from sponsors, tournament prizes and streaming profits, League pros earn a handsome salary. The average salary of these players is about $50,000-$60,000 per year but the very best players earn in millions. Faker, one of the highest paid players in the game takes home $2.5mil per year.

2. Make guides and educational content

New players join the league community daily. This opens up a huge market for content geared towards improving the viewer at the game. If you are very good at the game and feel like you can help other people improve as well - via guides, Youtube videos, coaching, etc, then you should try to make such content and build up an audience.

3. Make entertaining content

Not everyone is looking to improve at the game. Some people prefer to consume light-hearted content. If you think you can produce entertaining content and translate your funny and outgoing personality into your videos on a regular basis, this might be perfect for you. Moreover, this is one of the very few streams of revenue where you don't need to be particularly good at the game to be successful.

4. Sell League Accounts

One of the fastest growing revenue streams is trading and selling of league of legends accounts. Loads of high-rank players are looking for unranked level 30 accounts to use as their smurfs. If you have the time to level an account from 1 to 30, you can make yourself some money by selling such accounts. On the flip side, there is also a market for high ranked accounts, generally by people who can't reach that particular rank themselves. If you're good at the game, you can sell such accounts too. Even if your account doesn't fall into any of these two categories, you can still sell it for a good amount of money based on other factors.

Sell your account

5. Boost other players

Having a high rank means a lot of respect within the community thus many people, in an attempt to increase their rank, use the services of a booster. A "booster" is how we call someone who plays ranked games on someone else's account, in an attempt to get them to a higher rank than what they could achieve on their own. Players that have the ability to boost others to Diamond/Masters make hundreds of dollars per account making this a lucrative revenue stream as well.

So, as explained above, there are multiple ways to get some bucks from League of Legends. The best way for you depends on your skill, personality and the amount of time you have to invest.

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