League of Legends Account Buying Guide

22 Apr 2019 | 0

At, all accounts we sell come with full access. It means that you can always change the password and email of an account. We sell two types of League of Legends Accounts, Smurfs and Regular Accounts.

Regular accounts - Safest

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We purchase them from other players which means they are very diverse and each one is different. They may include various champions, skins, ranks and more. Each account has a detailed description.

Smurf accounts - Cheapest

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These accounts are leveled with the use of specialized software, for that reason we can produce them ourselves and sell them for a cheap price. Because of that, they are very popular among our customers.

As they aren't leveled by hand, there's a chance of getting suspended, but worry not - it's extremely low. We effectively combat this risk through applying up to 60 days warranty.

Reasons to purchase a Smurf account

  • All you need is a fresh, ranked ready account
  • You want the cheapest account

Reasons to purchase a Regular Account

  • You want skins
  • You want many champions
  • You want certain rank or border
  • You want the account to be leveled by hand

How to choose the right Smurf account?

First of all, select the correct server for your Smurf account.

lol smurf guide step 1

After that, pick the account with the most suitable amount of Blue Essence or Champion capsules for you. Approximate amount of Blue Essence will always be listed in the description.

lol smurf guide step 2

How to choose the right Regular Account?

Start with selecting filters to only show accounts that meet your preferences. Click the Show more filters button to see all available filters.

At this moment our filters include Price, Server, Rank, Border, Number of Champions/Skins and Specific Champions/Skins.

lol account guide step 1

Once you're done with filters, you can sort the results. By default, cheapest accounts appear first, but you can change it to sort based on Rank, Number of Skins/Champions or set it to Newest first.

lol account guide step 2

When you click an account box you will be taken to a page with detailed description for that account. You will see the exact champions, skins and more!

Safety of our accounts

Our accounts have warranty periods to prevent abuse, but we will always be trying to help our customers if they are honest with us. As for now, we have never left anybody without an account.

When looking from this side, our protection can be considered lifetime and because our accounts are extremely secure, it doesn't cause us much trouble to maintain this standard.

Payment process

At this moment we accept PayPal and G2A Pay which includes Creditcards, Online Banking, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and local payments for your country.

Account delivery after the payment is always instant.

Any other questions?

Feel free to ask us on Live Chat or Discord Server!

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