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Ever wondered why you should be buying League of Legends accounts? There are a few main reasons for that. First of all, you are saving yourself a ton of time and money if you buy a LoL account that has a lot of champions and skins. That's a good reason by itself but there are more! Another valid point is the fact that you can't obtain some very rare skins anymore. The only way is to purchase an account that already has them and we have a lot of them for sale, so don't worry. :) Also, if you purchase an account with high rank you can impress your friends with ease and finally taste the real ranked games that you deserve. By the way, all of our LoL accounts are ranked ready so if you prefer to rank up yourself that's no problem! These three reasons are the main ones but there is a lot more and it's likely that your is different. Just go ahead, find a League of Legends account that suits your needs perfectly and jump into the Summoners Rift!