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Why should I buy a LAN League of Legends Account?

Latin America North is a fairly popular region in League of Legends. There is a very high chance that a group of your friends is already playing on it, this reason alone is enough for most of players to purchase an account on this server.

LAN server is also quite competitive. Many players buy Latin America North LoL Accounts because they want to try the game at the highest level and have an opportunity to meet pro players in an actual game. And there's actually a high chance for that if you are a skilled gamer.

What are other advantages of having an Account on LAN server?

If you live in Latin America North, it's highly beneficial for you to play on LAN server. Your ping in the game will be reduced to the very minimum and you will be able to play at your best thanks to that fact. I am very confident in stating that every gamer had a moment when some internet connection issue lost their game.

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