3 Reasons You Should Start Smurfing in League of Legends

8th March 2019 3 min read

We all gotta admit Smurfing is popular. It often happens that we come across players that Smurf in our games, on live streams, YouTube videos or just hear about it from our friends. It’s all around us, but why do players actually Smurf?

Let’s jump into three reasons why Smurfing might be proficient for you.

1. It allows you to practice efficiently

Your main account is not the greatest place to try that Karthus jungle pick if you are doing it for the first time – I think everyone will agree with me on that. And normal games are just.. normals. They don’t translate well into Ranked games.

Having no other choice you will be forced to go for one of these options, and trust me, it’s not gonna end well.. Why? Because you lack practice. It’s not possible to be really good at a champion when we have been playing him for just a day or two.

Having a Smurf allows you to test and practice things you wouldn’t normally do on your main account – and that’s great because it might help you discover a new, great champion to play that will get you free elo!

2. You won’t be stuck with your main account anymore

When having a lose streak and getting tilted, Ranked games on your main account are not the best idea. But what are you gonna do, switch to normal games and play with players that more often than not completely do not care? That’s what normal games are and that’s not completely optimal either.

With a Smurf account, you could go for Ranked games on a lower level and without that much pressure (because it’s not your main account). Players will still try to do their best and you will have a chance to chill out a bit. Seems like a good idea in such situation.

3. You can have some fun in lower Leagues

Let’s be honest, that’s quite joyful thing to do from time to time – Bronze (and now Iron) tier is one of the very few things in life that can make you cry from laughter in the matter of minutes.. Haven’t you watched those YouTube videos showing the funniest situations?

While we are at it, many people complain that those who Smurf destroy the games in lower ranks. I don’t think that’s completely true – encountering better than usual player in your ranked games should actually motivate you to improve, seeing what you can eventually achieve.

And a message to you, Smurfers – don’t just purposely stomp low league players, try to give them some tips to make the experience more enjoyable for them as well. You won’t stay in low league for too long anyway, so you better leave a good mark. Let’s all contribute to a better community!

Okay, but if Smurfs are so good then why don’t everybody Smurf?

The reason is simple – creating a Smurf in a classical way takes a lot of effort and is very time-consuming.

Without experience boosts it would take you around a month to get an account to level 30 if you were playing for six hours a day! And now imagine you instead went to work for that time – you would bring home thousands of your country currency.. That just doesn’t make sense.

Fortunately, times have changed and it is no longer like that. Our website offers Smurf accounts with thousands of Blue Essence at the price of a Big Mac.

Yes, you heard that right. Instead of spending the amount of time that is worth a few thousands you can buy a Smurf for just a few bucks. Now, that makes sense!

If you would like to know more about our offer, click here. Remember that our customer support is ready to answer your questions and help you at any time.

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