How to Get Unbanned from League of Legends

11th February 2022 5 min read

A disaster has occurred! When opening your League Client, a message pops up. Your LoL account is now banned permanently! The worst nightmare of any League player.

Here is your guide to understanding what this means and how to get unbanned.

What is a permanent suspension?

Riot employs the Instant Feedback System to improve the League of Legends experience. This system identifies and punishes people ruining the League experience for other players.

This Instant Feedback System is more than a banning system. The system uses a variety of escalating punishments to change unacceptable behavior. Riot hopes these punishments will discourage repeating the same mistake. The harshest punishment riot uses is a permanent account suspension AKA a permaban.

Two types of permanent bans

There are two types of permanent suspensions that Riot Games will apply in League of Legends.

The most common type of permaban is an account suspension. This type of permaban only affects the League of Legends account in question.

A rare type of permaban is the ID ban. This punishment is only for LoL players who have already had many accounts banned. When ID Banned, any account associated with you, will instantly be permanently suspended. The LoL streamer Tyler1 famously received this type of ban.

What can get you permanently banned

Riot Games has free reign to punish anyone violating the terms of service or summoner’s code. Here are some of the most common reasons people get banned.

  1. Verbal abuse. Flaming and negativity in chat.
  2. Game ruining behavior. Trolling, griefing, afk, and and other unacceptable behavior.
  3. Cheating. Scripting and other uses of third-party software.
  4. Boosting. Paying money for another player to increase your rank by playing on your account or duo with you.
  5. Account sharing. Others playing on your account, even with no money involved

Steps to getting perma banned

The steps to a permaban vary depending on the type and severity of the behavior getting punished. A typical series of punishments for verbal offenses would be:

A chat restriction for the first two offenses, then a two-week ban, before finally a permaban.

For other offenses, the path to a permaban might be shorter. Cheating and use of third-party software have no warnings before applying a permaban.

Reversing the path to a permaban

Good behavior over time will move your account back down the ladder of punishments. Riot visualize this progress using the Honor system.

Consequences of a permanent suspension

The banned account will forever be inaccessible. You will not be able to take any action on the client when logged into that account.

Unless you have been ID Banned, you are free to make new accounts even using the same email. These are not affected by your previous punishment. However, new accounts might get banned more easily if Riot sees you’ve been suspended in the past.

Accessing friends list and clash while banned

When you get banned, you also lose access to your friends’ list. The Riot Mobile app allows you to access your contacts and messages. You won’t lose your friends thanks to this.

If you had connected your phone number to the banned LoL account, you get locked out of Clash. But all hope is not lost. You can contact Riot Support and ask them to disconnect it from the banned account. They will do so.

Can you appeal a permanent ban?

Yes! But also no. If you are guilty, then it is almost impossible. But, if the system was mistaken, there is a chance to get unbanned. I have personally experienced this while playing League of Legends.

I tried a new champion, unaware the game matched me against a far more skilled opponent. He destroyed me hard enough it was mistaken for intentional feeding.

Luckily I was able to get unbanned by appealing to riot games support.

How to get unbanned from League of Legends

Getting unbanned in League of Legends is a simple process. Contact Riot Support and submit an appeal. Explain your situation and ask to reverse the inappropriate punishment.

The trouble is that only very rarely will they do so. The player support team will not give second chances. Only mistakes by the instant feedback system get reversed.

But if you believe that you did nothing wrong, then there might be a good chance you can get your LoL account back.

Below is a step-by-step guide for appealing your League of Legends suspension.

Contacting Riot Support walkthrough

The first step is going to the League of Legends support page. You can either go through the league of legends website, google riot games support, or click here.

The first thing you should do is sign in. It is important to sign into the banned LoL account.

Once you have signed in, click Submit a ticket to send a ticket with your appeal.

On this new page, use the drop-down menu to select the option discuss a personal suspension, ban or restriction.

Select Discuss Game Bans and 31+ days.

In the other fields of the request form, you have the opportunity to write your appeal letter. Follow our guide for writing this appeal to improve your chances of getting unbanned.

How to write permanent ban appeal

When writing your appeal, the goal is to tell your story and add more details. When judging your personal suspension or restriction, you want them to be on your side.

The checklist

  1. Use polite language. When asking for help being nice makes a difference.
  2. Use non demanding messages. Another great way to get others on your side is being humble.
  3. Take responsibility for your actions. Do not try to defect blame upon teammates or someone else playing on your LoL account. If you made the mistake of letting others play on your account, you are responsible.
  4. Make clear that you believe you acted honorably. Your goal is to convince Riot Support the system made a mistake.
  5. Check for spelling mistakes before you submit to appear professional.
  6. Remember, Riot Support has access to VODs as well as chat logs. Lying does not work.

Write your appeal in Word

I Recommend writing your appeal in a word processor such as Microsoft Word. Word lets you use spellcheck and structure your message coherently. Then copy-paste your appeal into the request form before you submit it.

When can you expect an answer from Riot

You will not have to wait long. Riot will usually respond within 12-48 hours to a support ticket. You should get unbanned immediately if successful.

What if your appeal doesn’t work

If the appeal does not work, your account is now a brick. There is no longer hope you will get unbanned. But you are free to make a new account and start the lifedraining grind to LvL 30.

Luckily it’s possible to avoid the suffering of getting a LoL account to level 30 by hand. is the go-to place for unranked LoL smurfs. You can browse our smurf accounts here. Act honorably from now on so that it doesn’t happen again!

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