How to Get Unbanned from League of Legends

15th October 2018

This is something that quite a lot of players ask themselves at some point into their League journey. What might seem like a simple question doesn't have a straightforward answer except "it depends". Let's jump into this topic!

First of all, have you been banned permanently or just temporarily? If it's just a matter of few weeks then most likely it's not worth the effort - just wait it out and take notes from the suspension. However, if the ban is permanent then its exact reason determines how likely it is to get unbanned.

Have you been banned for scripting/using third party software?

If yes, and the ban was well deserved there's nothing you can do. Chances are bigger if that was just a one-time accident or someone else has been playing on your account but even then - they're rather slim. However, if you did not script, yet still got banned then chances are reasonable (Riot makes mistakes too).

Have you been banned for toxicity?

Unfortunately, because there are many milestones for suspensions falling into this category (chat restrictions, temporary bans) Riot is rather strict towards permanently suspended players - chances are close to zero.

Have you been banned for boosting?

Pretty much the same situation like above, because you were already given one warning (14-day suspension) Riot is not likely to unban your account.

"B-but, there are websites that say they will unban my account!!!"

Actually, no. There are websites that will write letters to Riot Support on your behalf (and that's a difference) - something you can do yourself if you invest just a bit of your time. Those websites do not warrant any outcome, so there's no guarantee.

"So.. how do I get unbanned then?"

Riot Support is your go-to place. Send them a few polite, non-demanding messages (don't give up before you send at least 5 of them, even more if you believe you're innocent). If the response is negative then well... don't make the same mistake that led to your account suspension again and go get a new account. :)

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