The Fastest Way to Level up in League of Legends – Level up Fast

10th November 2020 3 min read

It takes a long time to get to level 30. No surprises you are searching the net on how to level up fast in League.

I guess you are smurfing and looking forward to those juicy ranked games. But the fact that you have tons of LoL leveling ahead of you probably makes you a bit sad…

Can you do anything about it?

Certainly! Let me show you what is the fastest way to level 30 in League of Legends.

In general, there are two approaches to this.

The fastest way to level (cost-free)

#1 — Focus on winning games

Make it your main objective to win every game that play. Fiddling around a bit is okay but never let it get in the way of actually winning the game. Throwing games is the single most tilting thing that can happen to you in League of Legends.

As we all know, kills don’t directly make us win games. It’s pushing lanes, destroying turrets, and eventually knocking down the nexus that makes you the winner. Tryndamere mains should know this one best.

This tip is especially important because winning games awards you significantly much more experience. And more experience = faster level up.

#2 — Don’t end games too soon

The advice to finish games as soon as possible is one big leveling myth. The base XP of games is equal to only 1 minute of playing.

If you end games very soon, you will waste many times more on waiting in the queue, then in champion select, and finally for all players to load the game.

Sounds bad? It is!

If the game is completely under your control, don’t finish it straight away. Wait some time so that you get much more XP when it’s finished. This method to level is the fastest.

However! As soon as you notice that your enemies are getting stronger it’s time to go for the Nexus. You don’t want to lose it in the end. (Remember, winning is the key!)

#3 — Pick an assassin or a good pusher

A pusher is highly preferred. But, if taking down enemies is what brings you the most joy, you should aim for an assassin (that’s what games are for after all).

Also, if Titanic Hydra is an item that you plan to build, it’s more than fine to play an assassin. It gives you some great pushing capabilities!

Pusher suggestions: Sivir, Ziggs, Xerath

Assasin suggestions: Zed, Katarina, Yone

#4 — Play your best champion

It’s easier to win when playing your main than trying out some random champion. This is exactly why people ban new champions in ranked games — to avoid their teammates picking them (yes, that’s a thing).

Doing so not only makes you lvl up in League in the fastest way. It also increases the mileage with your main champion. That’s very useful when aiming for a higher rank.

#5 — Be nice to other players

Statistically, those who are kind win more games. You can’t beat math, you just can’t!

If your goal is to win more games, focus on being positive. Not only will your win rate increase, but also you will feel warmer in the heart… (At least I hope so.)

Always look to help others and you will quickly see the benefits. There’s nothing more wholesome than being cheered up by one of your teammates. Been there, done that.

#6 — Play bot games

I’m sure we all can agree that playing against bots is a free win. (Most of the time… ?)

But! Playing in the Co-op vs. AI mode gets you less experience above certain levels, depending on the bots’ difficulty.

What are those levels? It’s level 9 for beginner bots and level 19 when playing against the intermediate ones.

In a nutshell, before lvl 20 playing bot games lets you level up fast. But — as soon as you reach it — just ditch them!

#7 — Team up with friends

That’s an obvious one, isn’t it? Unless your friends are just learning the game, it is an obvious advantage.

You will be able to communicate more easily with your buddies, simply because you know them in and out.

When they underperform, you know exactly how to approach them so that they learn from their mistakes.

And if a mate of yours is literally a Challenger Tier player, you can just enjoy being carried.

The fastest way

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