How to play on PBE?

Updated: 16th January 2024 2 min read

If you are interested in LoL, and regularly check what changes are coming to the game, you definitely should check out the PBE server. It’s the best way to check future in-game content, and help developers make the game better.

What is PBE?

Public Beta Environment is a League server that allows you to try out experimental functions, that are not and might never be available in the game. You can try out new skins, champions, items, game modes, and other in-game content. Players on the PBE server receive daily missions that allow them to gain up to 3000 Riot Points, which they can later spend on in-game stuff.

If you are not sure if you want to buy a certain champion or skin, you can use PBE to try them out, and then decide if you still want to buy them on your main account.  PBE also allows Riot to eliminate and fix all the mistakes and bugs that pop out in a game. This is done so that when you queue up for your games on an actual server, you can have the best experience possible.

Where to register for PBE?

If you want to register for PBE you can do it by following this link.


If you want to register for PBE, the main account you plan to connect to must be at least level 3 honor, with no bans and limitations. The region and level of your account don’t matter at all. For one account in LoL, you can create only one account for PBE.

How to download the PBE server client?

If you’re allowed to create a PBE account, you can download the client here. Use the link above, and then follow steps that the page suggests you.

PBE downsides

PBE client has only one server, which is located in Chicago, so you must be aware that you might have some ping issues if you play from a different region. 

You have to remember that the PBE server is less popular, so you might have to wait longer for games, and when you get into the game, skill level, rank, or level might not be the same.

After the release of the new champion or skin, there is a chance that more people will want to try it out, so the queues might get longer.

How to report any bugs found in-game?

Firstly, you can use the report button in PBE client. The other way is to use a special tool, which you can find by clicking here. The last option is the Reddit server, which we mentioned earlier, where you can also see bugs found by other players, that you can comment on and discuss. You will find the subreddit here.

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