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12 Rarest League of Legends Skins and Their VALUE in 2019

1st July 2019 3 min read

number is still rising. However, some of them are more valuable than the others… There’s a handful of very fortunate players who managed to obtain skins that are now worth 10 times the price of an ultimate skin.

Damn, those lucky guys!

Curious what the skins are? Let’s list them in an ascending rarity order so you can see the rarest at the end. We will also write a few words about each one and give their approximate values (which is how much you would pay for an account containing only the skin).

UFO Corki

Rarity: Low

Estimated value: $20

Here comes the first super rare skin on the list. In order to get this one, which features the mustached yordle, your account had to be created before January 2010.

King Rammus

Rarity: Low

Estimated value: $25

OK. This Nintendo game based skin is slightly rarer than the previous one and was given to those who participated in League of Legends Beta in 2009.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Rarity: Medium

Estimated value: $50

This one isn’t even looking like a skin but it doesn’t prevent him from being rare. Rusty Blitzcrank was canceled shortly after its debiut in 2009, as a result of his unappealing looks. Many players refunded the skin and it was never available again.

Championship Riven (2012)

Rarity: Medium

Estimated value: $90

And here we got a skin for one of the most popular champions in League of Legends, namely Riven. This is the first championship skin ever released. A similar version of the skin was rereleased in 2016 but the original one is still considered rare.

Silver Kayle

Rarity: Medium

Estimated value: $90

This Kayle skin was included in the League of Legends collector’s edition. Because it was granted for all copies and not only preorders, it’s not as rare as Young Ryze and Black Alistar.

Victorious Jarvan IV

Rarity: Medium

Estimated value: $100

This one is a true trophy for the best players in season one and the first victorious skin to be released. Awarded to those who finished in Gold or above (it was top 3% of all players by then).

Young Ryze (Human Ryze)

Rarity: High

Estimated value: $125

Included in the League of Legends collector’s edition preorder copy. SPOILER: Ryze was once a human.

PAX Sivir

Rarity: High

Estimated value: $130

And here comes the first PAX skin. To obtain Sivir version of the widely recognized skin theme you had to take part in PAX Prime 2011.


Rarity: High

Estimated value: $135

Unlike other PAX skins, you actually had three opportunities to grab this one. It was necessary to take part in either PAX East 2010, PAX Prime 2010 or PAX East 2011.

Black Alistar

Rarity: High

Estimated value: $200

Similarly to Young Ryze, it was given away with collector’s edition preorders. You can’t milk those.

PAX Twisted Fate

Rarity: High

Estimated value: $300

Definitely the rarest skin of all time, most of League of Legends players didn’t even have a chance to see it in-game. Awarded to PAX attendants in 2009.

What about other rare skins?

There’s certainly many more unique skins such as Hextech crafting or older Victorious ones but this list is reserved for those that are super ultra rare. Do you have any of those? If yes, you can consider yourself a really lucky player.

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