Top 12 rarest skins in League of Legends 2024

13th January 2024 9 min read

If you’re on the hunt for the rarest and best League of Legends skins that set players apart, you’re in the right place.

In this blog post, we’ll unravel the mysteries behind the rarest League of Legends skins, exploring their unique stories. They aren’t just upgrades; they’re the crowning achievements that set players apart in the gaming arena. From exclusive events to exceptional accomplishments, these skins hold stories that elevate them beyond the ordinary, making them the ultimate symbols of in-game distinction.

Join us as we uncover the magic behind these coveted lol skins and explore the unique narratives that make them the pinnacle of League of Legends prestige.

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UFO Corki

UFO Corki Skin Splash

UFO Corki is an exclusive and highly sought-after skin. Released in 2010 as a limited edition cosmetic item, this skin completely transforms the visual appearance of the champion Corki into a futuristic, extraterrestrial-themed pilot. The skin features a striking, metallic silver spacesuit with vivid green and purple accents, creating an otherworldly aesthetic.

Corki is seen with a high-tech space helmet. One of the most distinctive features of UFO Corki is the redesign of his iconic Gyrocopter, a key element in his gameplay. The standard Gyrocopter is replaced with a spaceship-inspired model, adorned with advanced technology and glowing green lights. This sleek and futuristic design contributes to the overall intergalactic theme, providing a visually unique experience for players.

UFO Corki Skin Spotlight

The exclusive nature of UFO Corki, being a limited edition release, has turned it into a rare and highly coveted collectible among League of Legends players. This unique cosmetic not only offers a visually appealing alternative but also adds an exclusive and prestigious touch to Corki’s in-game presence, making it a must-have for dedicated fans of the game seeking to enhance their champion’s appearance with a rare and iconic skin.

King Rammus

King Rammus Skin Splash

King Rammus is a prestigious and rare skin in League of Legends, exclusively rewarded to players who took part in the closed beta testing phase in 2009. This regal skin transforms the usually adventurous Rammus into a royal figure, complete with a golden crown and a flowing red cape. The intricate golden patterns on Rammus’s shell add to the majestic aura of this exclusive cosmetic item. Possessing King Rammus signifies a player’s early involvement in the game’s development, making it a highly sought-after symbol of prestige within the League of Legends community.

King Rammus Skin Spotlight

Owning King Rammus signifies a player’s early connection to the game’s development, making it a rare and sought-after status symbol within the League of Legends community. It’s a visual testament to the player’s longevity in the game and serves as a distinctive mark of prestige on the virtual battlefield.

Rusty Blitzcrank

Rusty Blitzcrank Skin Splash

Rusty Blitzcrank is a vintage and weathered skin for Blitzcrank. The skin gives Blitzcrank a rusty, worn-out appearance, as if he has seen countless battles and weathered the test of time. The once shiny and polished metal of Blitzcrank’s robotic frame is now covered in rust, and his overall design exudes a sense of antiquity and battle-hardened resilience.

Rusty Blitzcrank Skin Spotlight

Originally released as a limited edition, Rusty Blitzcrank has since been discontinued, turning it into a rare and highly desired cosmetic among Blitzcrank fans. Those who choose to display Rusty Blitzcrank not only demonstrate their proficiency with the champion but also carry a fragment of League of Legends history. This skin serves as a nostalgic reflection of the game’s early developmental phases.

Championship Riven

Championship Riven Skin Splash

Championship Riven stands as a legendary skin in the League of Legends universe, designed to commemorate the Season 2 World Championship in 2012. This skin elevates Riven into a symbol of victory and prestige, showcasing an impressive aesthetic that reflects the grandeur of championship-level competition.

Draped in elegant blue and gold armor, Championship Riven exudes an aura of regality and triumph.The design showcases intricate details, including a distinctive crown, underscoring Riven’s elevated status as a champion among champions. The visual effects associated with this skin further amplify the victorious spirit associated with the Season 2 World Championship.

Championship Riven Skin Spotlight

For those lucky enough to wield Championship Riven, it’s not just about showcasing Riven’s prowess; it’s about carrying a piece of the game’s legendary past into every match, reminding all who encounter it of the sweet taste of victory.

Silver Kayle

Silver Kayle Skin Splash

Originally released as part of the retail collector’s edition of the game, this skin transforms Kayle, the Righteous, into a celestial warrior adorned in shimmering silver armor.

The intricate details of Silver Kayle’s design showcase a harmonious blend of divine grace and martial prowess. The silver wings that accompany Kayle give her a celestial presence, emphasizing her role as a celestial enforcer of justice. The color palette, dominated by silver and blue tones, imparts a sense of purity and otherworldly strength.

Silver Kayle Skin Spotlight

Victorious Jarvan IV

Victorious Jarvan IV Skin Splash

Victorious Jarvan IV is a prestigious skin in League of Legends awarded to players who achieve a Gold rank or higher in the game’s competitive ladder.

The design mirrors the splendor of a triumphant ranked season, with the champion embodying the essence of a victorious leader on the battlefield. The color scheme, featuring opulent gold and deep blue hues, signifies the prestige linked to attaining high ranks in the competitive hierarchy of League of Legends.

Victorious Jarvan Skin Spotlight

Possessing Victorious Jarvan IV serves as a tangible acknowledgment, denoting a player’s commitment, expertise, and success in the fiercely competitive realm of ranked gameplay. As Jarvan IV confidently raises his triumphant standard, the skin transforms into a symbol of achievement, proudly displaying a player’s mastery and accomplishments.

Young Ryze (Human Ryze)

Young Ryze Skin Splash

Young Ryze (Human Ryze) trades his usual mystical and arcane appearance for a more traditional, human-like visage. Clad in a robe with distinctive patterns and carrying a staff, Young Ryze showcases a unique interpretation of the champion, providing a glimpse into the character’s more mortal side.

The rarity of Young Ryze lies in its limited availability, as it was only obtainable through specific promotions in the early days of League of Legends.

Young Ryze Skin Spotlight

As Ryze stands in his apprentice-like attire, Young Ryze is a visual narrative of his journey, capturing a moment before he became the formidable mage we know today. Beyond its rarity and collector’s appeal, this skin is a nostalgic testament to the game’s evolution, reminding players of the magic and excitement that surrounded League of Legends in its early stages.

PAX Sivir

Pax Sivir Skin Splash

PAX Sivir traces its origins back to the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) events. The skin was released in 2011 as a promotional item during these gaming conventions. PAX, known for its celebration of gaming culture and community, provided a unique platform for Riot Games to engage with the League of Legends community.

PAX Sivir Skin Spotlight

To obtain PAX Sivir, players had to physically attend one of the PAX events in 2011 and visit the League of Legends booth. At the booth, Riot Games distributed codes that players could redeem in the game client to unlock the PAX Sivir skin. This limited distribution method created a sense of exclusivity, making PAX Sivir a rare and prestigious cosmetic item within the League of Legends community.

Beyond the stunning visual appeal, owning PAX Sivir is a tangible connection to a specific moment in time, a nod to the vibrant culture of gaming and the excitement surrounding PAX events.


PAX Jax Skin Splash

PAX Jax, like PAX Sivir, is a rare and exclusive skin in League of Legends that also originates from the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) events. Released in 2010, PAX Jax was distributed to attendees of PAX Prime, adding a unique and sought-after collectible to the League of Legends skin lineup.

PAX Jax Skin Spotlight

Much like its counterpart, PAX Sivir, the distribution of PAX Jax was limited to those physically present at PAX Prime in 2010. Players who visited the League of Legends booth during the event received a special code, allowing them to unlock PAX Jax in the game client. The limited availability of these codes contributes to the skin’s rarity and high demand within the League of Legends community.

PAX Jax presents a distinct visual design for the champion Jax, featuring him in a sleek, futuristic armor set with a color palette dominated by blue and silver tones. The skin, adorned with the PAX logo, stands as a commemorative piece for those who attended PAX Prime in 2010, embodying the spirit of shared experiences and the vibrant gaming culture celebrated at PAX events.

PAX Twisted Fate

PAX Twisted Fate Skin Splash

PAX Twisted Fate is probably one of the rarest skins of all time. Like other PAX skins, it was distributed at specific Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) events, providing a limited number of codes for attendees.

PAX Twisted Fate Skin Spotlight

PAX Twisted Fate, with its unique visual design and exclusive distribution, stands as a symbol of both prestige and a shared connection among players who attended the relevant PAX events. The rarity of this skin adds to its desirability within the League of Legends community, making it a sought-after collector’s item for fans of Twisted Fate.

Triumphant Ryze

Triumphant Ryze Skin Splash

Triumphant Ryze stands out as a unique skin granted to players who excel in specific contests like college tournaments or official Riot Games events. Its rarity and exclusivity linked to noteworthy accomplishments make it highly coveted within the League of Legends community, serving as a prestigious symbol of achievement.

Triumphant Ryze Skin Spotlight

More than a rare skin, it’s a symbol of accomplishment, a celebration of success in the face of formidable challenges. As the League community continues to evolve, Triumphant Ryze remains an enduring emblem of prestige, inviting players to strive for triumph and etch their own legacy in the ever-expanding world of esports.

Black Alistar

Black Alistar Skin Splash

Black Alistar is an ultra-rare and highly sought-after skin in League of Legends, distinguished by its dark and imposing aesthetic. Originally released in 2010 as part of the Digital Collector’s Pack, this skin is one of the rarest in the game due to its limited availability and exclusive distribution method.

Black Alistar Skin Spotlight

The only way to obtain Black Alistar was through purchasing the Digital Collector’s Pack during the pre-launch phase of League of Legends. This pack was offered for a limited time and included champions, Riot Points, and the elusive Black Alistar skin. The skin transforms Alistar, the Minotaur, into a menacing figure with black armor and a fearsome presence on the battlefield.

Black Alistar has since become a collector’s gem, symbolizing a player’s early commitment to League of Legends and their involvement during a specific period of the game’s history. The rarity and unique design of this skin make it a prestigious and highly coveted cosmetic item within the League of Legends community.

What about other rare skins?

In addition to the specific skins mentioned earlier, there are several other rare skins in League of Legends. Rarity in these cases often stems from limited-time availability, exclusive events, or specific conditions for obtaining them. Here are some general categories:

Limited Edition and Legacy Skins:

Skins labeled as “Limited Edition” were only available for a short period, usually tied to a specific event or celebration. “Legacy Skins” are those that were once available in the store but have been removed and are no longer regularly obtainable.

Riot Skins:

Skins with the “Riot” theme, like Riot Squad Singed or Riot Kayle, are often exclusive to Riot Games employees or special events. They occasionally become available through promotions, making them rare and sought after.

Event Exclusive Skins:

Skins tied to in-game events, like Snowdown or Harrowing skins, may only be available during specific times of the year. These can include festive or thematic skins that aren’t regularly offered.

Champion and Ultimate Skins:

Some champion and ultimate skins, like Pulsefire Ezreal or Elementalist Lux, are highly valued due to their intricate designs and extra features. Ultimate skins, in particular, offer evolving appearances as the game progresses.

Promotional and Collaboration Skins:

Skins tied to promotions or collaborations, such as the Hextech exclusive skins or those related to partnerships like K/DA skins, may have limited availability, making them rare and sought after by collectors.

If you’re interested in adding these rare and exclusive League of Legends skins to your collection, feel free to visit our store.

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