What Is the Highest Summoner Level in League of Legends?

13th November 2020 2 min read

What might seem like an easy question is actually a quite tricky one. That’s due to the changes Riot has made over the years.

How was it back in 2017

Back then things were really simple. If you asked anyone what the max level in League of Legends was, their answer would be the magical number of 30. You may even remember receiving IP (influence points) after every game, which you could spend on champions and runes.

Later that year, Riot Bubobubo & Riot Cactopus wrote an article expressing three main points:

1) Free runes

2) Merged IP and BE

3) Uncapped leveling

The most important and impactful change clearly being the uncapped levels. From then on, Riot would reward every level with some sweet champion shards, as well as fashionable level borders every twenty-five levels. Uncapping levels would also provide a progression system for casual players who haven’t ventured out into ranked yet.

So what does this all mean? Right now, the highest summoner level in League of Legends is infinite. There is simply no limit.

Was this change good?

As always, there are two sides to the story.

People who had been level thirty for many years were relatively upset. Their game time was getting undermined by letting everyone start at level thirty. For this reason, Riot gave some pity emotes – Veteran Rewards.

One player on Reddit expressed their anger: “Think of how the veterans feel when we’re informed that our “accumulated” XP (since we’ve been level 30 for several years now) is effectively null as we’ll be starting at level 30.”

Despite numerous complaints, the league community was overall satisfied with the changes (mainly just the free runes).

Who is the highest level in League of Legends?

Now that you know that there is no level cap in League of Legends, you may wonder: what’s the highest level someone has reached? Let’s take a look.

Using this very handy website, you can see the current leaderboard for summoner levels through all the regions. The levels have skyrocketed since 2017. In three years, Nolife Fynn from the EUW region has reached an astonishing level of 2632. Effectively, Nolife Fynn is currently the highest level League of Legends player. This is an incredible feat — even the 10th highest level in the world (NEET from the Japanese server) is more than 1000 levels below Fynn.

Before you get too hyped up by these guys, do keep in mind that there is a limited number of borders granted by leveling. Riot got bored after level 500, and so once you reach there, don’t expect any new fancy border art from then on out.

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