What Is L9 in League of Legends? Club, Members and History

17th November 2020 3 min read

L9, short for “Low Nine”, is a League of Legends club in the EUW region. It consists of a small handful of elite, talented players well-known for their toxicity.

How L9 Rose in Popularity

It is thought that L9 was created by 0bsess and RATIRL. It was originally made in order to gain traction and fame among social media and ranked solo queue. L9 ended up gaining a heavy following mainly via Twitter. By this time the club had expanded and had two more members: Ap0calypse and Selfmademan.

Their rise in popularity stemmed from their raw talent yet toxic nature; they would be seen spamming “xd” and question mark pings. They were also very well known for elo boosting and starting controversy with other content-creators.

An example of said controversy was when RATIRL tweeted about Dekar173: “Don’t try to trash talk if you play on one of the worst servers and lose in lowelo while streaming for your 500 viewers”.

The Infamous L9 Club Tag

The L9 club initially only had the original four members and some of their close friends. Thanks to their built-up fame, the original L9 members began to sell spaces for large amounts of money. Being part of the real L9 club was seen as impressive and imposing.

As people started to see the potential for some extra money, fake L9 clubs began to spring up across the game. Many people also include L9 in their name, to try to demonstrate their toxic nature.

L9 Members


RATIRL is the most known member of L9. As of currently, he has nearly half a million followers on twitch.tv, and almost 200k subscribers on YouTube.

In previous seasons, RATIRL was often seen playing ranked duos with ap0calypse.

He’s well known for his insane mechanics on Twitch (the league character), as well as being the main source of Twitter drama within the club. His streaming career started thanks to allegations of being a scripter; his stream helped prove his innocence and kickstart his streaming career.

RATIRL Face Reveal?

RATIRL is fairly conservative when it comes to showing his face. When he streams, he doesn’t use a facecam, and he doesn’t seem to have many pictures of him on the internet. His debut face reveal was when he had a picture of himself shown by IWillDominate, a popular streamer in the NA region.


Ap0calypse is fairly under the radar when it comes to social media popularity. He has also never entered the professional scene. As mentioned earlier, he was seen playing ranked duos with RATIRL, and is extremely talented.

Known for his Mordekaiser, he would dominate the ranked queues with his buddy, being extremely toxic along the way. There is a screenshot proof of Ap0calypse using racist remarks in post-game lobbies.

Thankfully he is no longer as toxic as he was before, and has recently re-emerged in the EUW solo queue ladder. He has demonstrated some extreme skill as Janna in the support role, so much that he managed to reach and finish number one in the challenger leaderboard. As a commemoration of L9 and their toxicity, the account was called HAHHAHAHAHAHXDDD.


0bsess, who founded the group alongside RATIRL, took the route of professional play rather than social media fame. This has proven relatively successful for him, as he has been signed to many teams, for example: Movistar riders, Penguins, Misfits Gaming, Gamers Origin, and mousesports.

Thanks to L9, he gained recognition in the solo queue ladder. He was able to take advantage of the recognition he accumulated, and get himself signed into an esports team, kickstarting his career.

Currently he is a jungler for mousesports, however he is allowed to look for opportunities with other teams.


Selfmademan, more commonly known as Selfmade, also took the professional route alongside 0bsess. Selfmade eventually saw more success than 0bsess, jungling for Fnatic. Fnatic performed exceptionally well in the Worlds 2020 tournament, reaching the knockout stage but being knocked out in the quarter-finals.

He is known for his carry jungler playstyle, with his favourite champions including Nidalee, Kha’Zix, and Elise.

Fnatic has him signed until November 2021, and thanks to his jungle playstyle complementing his teammates, it is likely he will remain in Fnatic for far longer to come.

L9 Now

The members of L9 no longer talk to each other much at all. It’s mainly seen as a joke among the LoL community, and most people understand that the original members have reformed and have their own careers thanks to the club and friendships they made in the beginning.

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