How Long Does It Take to Get to Level 30 in League of Legends?

16th November 2020 2 min read

Level 30 in League of Legends is an important milestone for all new players and smurfs alike. It allows you to play in the prestigious ranked game mode.

I assume you are wondering how long it will take you to reach level 30 in League of Legends. Let’s confirm some basic facts to do with XP gain in LoL, to help you understand the leveling system.

Leveling basics

Bot games give less XP after a certain level. We will assume that you always play the gamemode that grants you maximum experience).

You unlock a first win of the day mechanic upon reaching level 15. This gives you a small amount of BE (blue essence), and more importantly 400 XP.

Depending on whether you win or lose, and also the length of your match, you earn roughly between 50 and 300 XP a game, which averages out at around 200 XP.

Last but not least, there are now three tutorial games — each one rewarding 150 XP.

Now that we have established these facts, you’re ready for your level climb. Let’s split it into a few stages:

Stage 1

Levels 1 to 3 — Between levels 1 and 3, you can only play in the co-op vs. AI game mode. To get to level 3, you require 288 XP total. Assuming you do the three tutorial games, you will already be at lvl 3.

Stage 2

Levels 3-15 — For these levels, you need a total of 7968 XP. At this stage, you don’t get the first win of the day bonus, so it will take you roughly 25 games.

Stage 3

Levels 15-30 — For the last stretch of your League of Legends level 30 grind, you are granted the 400 XP per day bonus. You will need a whopping 31824 XP to finish off your leveling! This will take around 105 games. And you thought you were already halfway…

Let’s make a summary now.

How much time?

It takes 3 games a day for 45 days to get level 30.


How many games?

It takes 135 games to reach level 30.

As soon as you hit that level, ranked games will be unlocked on your account. They are what League of Legends is all about.

For avid players, the required time investment is a serious drawback. A month of wasted game-time which won’t contribute to your rank! That’s so lame. We should note that League of Legends doesn’t end at level 30, there are many more to go.

If you would like to find out how to make this process easier on your part, check our “power-leveling” tutorial. By the way, you don’t have to spend an entire month of grinding to start playing ranked games. Browse our Level 30 Smurfs and save yourself the headache!

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