League of Legends Level up Rewards

21st November 2020 2 min read

Leveling your account in League of Legends is extremely satisfying, solely due to the leveling rewards and milestones.

From BE (blue essence) to summoner spells, game modes to emotes – the rewards vary greatly and never end (and so do the levels in League).

Level up rewards 1-30

League of Legends provides new players rewards as they try to learn the game (or as they smurf). There are tutorials that reward 450 XP, giving early level players a little head start.

This is enough to get you to level two, at which you get the choice between five different champions: Ahri, Darius, Garen, Lux, Master Yi, or Miss Fortune.

By the time you reach level 10, you can expect to have:

Summoner Spells

Heal / Ghost / Exhaust / Barrier / Mark / Clarity / Flash / Teleport / Smite / Ignite / Cleanse

Game Modes

Co-op vs AI / Practice Tool / Classic 5v5 (Blind Pick) / ARAM / Classic 5v5 (Draft)

Blue Essence

4×450 BE

5×900 BE

(6300 in total)

Enough for you to purchase any champion of your choice!

Once you finally reach level 30, you unlock access to ranked queues, as well as a new and nifty summoner icon border. Reaching level 30 can be sluggish, but you can reach it far quicker by reading this guide.

Level up rewards 30-50

From now on, every level up you receive:

1x Champion Capsule

At levels 40 & 50, you are rewarded with legend emotes, and glorious champion capsules.

At level 50, you are rewarded with a new summoner icon border and a random ward skin or summoner icon.

Champion Capsules and Glorious Champion Capsules

In these capsules, you can expect to find varying amounts of champion shards. Champion shards can be disenchanted in exchange for BE, used to upgrade a champion mastery, or upgraded. Upgrading the shards allows you to purchase the given champion for a discounted amount of BE. Glorious champion capsules contain a far greater value of BE than their regular champion capsule counterpart.

Level 50-500 rewards

From now on, every 10 level ups you receive:

1x Glorious Champion Capsule

At level 75, you receive a “Legend 3 Emote”, a new summoner icon border, and another random ward skin or summoner icon.

At level 100, you receive the “Legend 4 Emote”, a new summoner icon border, and a glorious legend ward skin.

From now on, every 25 level ups you receive:

Next level “Legend Emote” (emotes are ceased at level 500)

Next level summoner icon border

1x Glorious Champion Capsule

Starting at level 150, every 50 level ups you receive:

1x Gemstone

Gemstones have multiple uses; you can save 10 up to unlock a rare gemstone skin for a champion you love. Alternatively, you could spend 5 on a hextech ward or you can spend each one to get a Masterwork chest and key, which only contain cosmetics.

That would be it…

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As you can see, it can be extremely taxing to get the rewards that you desire. If you are interested in reaching level 30 (and all its rewards) without the effort — browse our level 30, ranked ready smurfs.

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